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Partij van de Arbeid | 2017 - 2025

Unfortunately, the PvdA has suffered a huge loss. Time to leave this behind her and take a look at the future. The PvdA must not continue to propagate old forms and thoughts, but can completely reinvent itself on the basis of its social democratic principles. As long as she takes into account the ever changing society around her.


In this trendforecast we get to know what's going on in 2017 and how the PvdA has missed her chances. But there is also a solution. In our considerations, what the word "Democracy" could mean in 2025 is more important, and perhaps more important is the questions if there is still room for a political party such as the PvdA? Eventually, the Dutch citizen will decide in the ballot box, but the PvdA will make a significant and deliberate contribution here.


Concept by Eléonore Moll

Damien Oehler 

Romy Rouffaer 

Gioya Sellen & 

Savannah Zuurhout 

Modeling by Romy Rouffaer 

Editing & film by Freek Lindeloo 

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